Demolish Westminster

We are at a difficult, perhaps pivotal point in political history and recent events have brought to light there is a strong desire for reform and restructure of the future, that considers globalisation, new media (social etc.) and this generations lack of interest in politics.

This has specifically lead me to a project that explores what a new typology for government buildings could be. The premise for the project is that the present Palace of Westminster and houses of Parliament require £4bn of renovation and refurbishment, of a complex that is no longer fit for purpose – both spatially and the way that politics may function in the future.

For design I will be using the present site of the houses of parliament for my project, however using this moment as an opportunity for complete redesign of the houses of parliament. This provides both a clear project programme and more importantly to speculate on what this architecture may be.

My first steps have been to analyse the architecture of the existing building and produce some renderings of some of the details and areas which might offer me some insight into the next steps to take.

These images are a speculation on the Palace and politics in this currently being no more before building an idea of what it could be.

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