Future Representation- Creating Final Output.

I chose to do do 3 renders for my final output. I used a combination of Sketchup, Revit and Photoshop. My representation shows the Palace of Westminster under a wrap of scaffolding and partly demolished with the house of commons suspended between a complex lattice support structure. 

Screengrab of original sketchup model
Screengrab of original Sketchup model

I built the palace facade, remaining Palace and scaffold wrap and supports in Sketchup. Once these were complete i created the lattice support structure in Revit by creating a solid mesh and curtain wall family for the steel lattice.

I then exported this as a DWG and imported it into my Sketchup model. Once this was done i exported the images to JPEG format and begun to work on them in Photoshop.

I added background, context and fog lighting in photoshop to create a interesting set of final images showing the first idea of a what a new parliament could look like in the future.

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