Future Representation Week 3- GIS

I really enjoyed this session. Learned a lot of things i wish i had knew at the start of Undergraduate, let alone post graduate.

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. This is a mapping tool not just in the traditional sense but everything from demographics of an area to the exact size and type of the buildings and land on it.

The output of this lesson was to show us how to download and use the correct type of maps from Digimaps online and to create interesting graphical maps from the information in the software.

The first step was to access and download some information of the Isle of Dogs and Greenwich Peninsula from the Digimap mapping software. We chose the OS Terrain 5DTM for download.

Once these were ready for download we then imported them into ARCScene and begun the process of manipulating them to give us different graphical outputs.

I found this process very useful as you could create a lot of beautiful maps and site analysis diagrams with very little effort.

I continued to do this creating more abstract graphics by adjusting the height of the contours and buildings on the site.

Isle of Dogs exaggerated
Isle of Dogs topography exaggerated

Once i had played round with the topography in ARCScene some more i begun to look into creating more conventional graphical maps.

This could be done by applying different filters and and colours to each different element in the map. This is the data that was embedded in it from the original GIS download.

The final output was a 2D graphical map of the Isle of Dogs and a 3D aerial shot. Overall i found  the software ARCScene very useful as gives you so many options to manipulate the data and produce some great graphics.

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