Enderby’s Wharf Ideas

Enderbys Wharf has a rich history in communication. It was the main place where transatlantic and worldwide submarine cables were produced and developed for many years.

Enderby Wharf in its heyday via: http://atlantic-cable.com/CableCos/EnderbysWharf/

As we move into further into the future data storage becomes an increasing apparent influence on the world around us as despite the virtual world actual physical space is needed to contain all the information and this will continue to expand as the web does.

Reuters Data Centre by RSHP

This leads me to the idea that Enderby Wharf can become important again in the history of communication.  Data is stored away in anonymous warehouses and buildings all around us. I want Enderby Wharf to be a place where data is continually stored and updated as the web continues to grow over time.

The building will continue to grow upwards and outwards as more and more data crosses fills up our world.


I will begin to develop my brief further with sketches and ideas over the next week.