Pop Up Architecture

Whilst leafing through the pages of BD this week i came across this:

Folly For a Flyover, Hackney

Folly for a Flyover. It opened last night under the A12 motorway flyover by the Eastway in Hackney wick. It is set to be open for 6 weeks over the summer and will host a six week programme of cinema, performance and play, including boat tours, screenings and drop-in workshops.

I will be visting in a couple of weeks when i get the chance. But this is another example of pop up architecture which keeps on appearing across London.

Pop Up Architecture is a great idea as it takes, vacant or under used spaces and gives them a new lease of life, sometimes only for a few weeks at a time. So next time you see a vacant site in the city it could be playing host to the next temporary bar, restaurant, cinema or even shopping mall!

Boxpark Shopping Mall Shoreditch

For More information on either of these pop up projects check out:




It’s been a long time

I have not posted for a long, long time. Part due to being busy (3rd year is hard!), and part due to being lazy. I am all done now, and have decided to pick this back up, mainly due to my fascination of talking about all things architecture and design related and i need a place to put all these thoughts.

Very Happy Me At The End Of Uni

So i will be posting again here again very soon about various things that interest me on the subject.