Museum of Communication

Final Project Museum of Communication Greenwich University MArch Unit 19- Neil Spiller and Philip Watson.

Site Location

The site was Enderby Wharf on the Greenwich Peninsula, its historical past showed that it housed the countries first telegraph cables beneath the sea, allowing round the world communication for the first time. Alcatel communications are currently based on the site.

While analysing the site’s history, I built up layers to create a ‘palimpsest’ which then informed the design for my museum. Each floor of the museum represented the buildings on the site throughout different periods of time.

Along with this I used an industrial aesthetic to further reinforce the previous uses of the site.

In addition to this I looked at the wider urban context and industrial past of the Greenwich Peninsula to create a number of pavilions that reflected the peninsula’s industrial past

The delivery of the project was fully covered in the Design Realisation Report.

During my time in Unit 19 with Neil and Phil, I very much enjoyed working on this project, however the style adopted was not in line with my personal approach with led to me changing units for the second year of this course.